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What are your wishes?

Being the engine of the economy business goes first. Consider me as a motor oil to it.

What are your wishes? What do you want to achieve in the next future?
What is your course of action? What will be the first step? What can I do for you?
Are you going to do business abroad? Do you want to reach out for new markets?
Business plans in any of the Middle- and East European Countries? In Madagascar perhaps?



Acquire any new customers?
Start your business on the Balkans?
Find your way in Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia?
Set up your business in Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine? Madagascar?

Review your all-over export opportunities anywhere in Eurasia?
Set up a business campaign somewhere in Russia, Hungary or Italy?
Perform some pioneering?
Explore new markets?

There are many business opportunities out there! It is certain that this is the right moment to invest. Investing right now is the only correct decision!

It is a total package: I have got the expertise in assessing your inwestment plans.

In order to make a success out of your business plans in these countries
and to carry out the necessary pioneering beforehand,
In Russia, Hungary, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia or Croatia:

Take your chance and entrust your project to Josef Polgar ICS: send an e-mail please!